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Wingspan - artwork by PannaDraws



Ink and watercolour on acrylic paper. 508 x 405 mm (20 x 16 in), 2020.

When I was visiting my friend in Manchester, UK, we went to the local park for a walk. I was even thinking of taking my camera, but then I though it wouldn't be needed anyway. Of course then we came across a duck pond, which was full of curious Canada geese, and you could guess I had to capture them for reference.

So photos were taken with my phone. As a result there were details missing in the image, which I had to fill in from imagination and my existing anatomical knowledge. Most of the details on the wings are from my head, also the way the water splashes around the bathing bird.

The goose himself was having a great time, splashing water everywhere around, showing off the giant wings. The Canada goose is one of the largest breeds of geese, almost the size of a mute swan. When those wings are spread, they are huge. That enormous wingspan was the muse for this painting, and even though the reference wasn't perfect I felt like I have to paint it anyway.

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