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Unicorn Portrait - artwork by PannaDraws

Unicorn Portrait


Ink and watercolour on cold-pressed watercolour paper. 210 x 297 mm ( 8.27 x 11.69 in), 2019.

When I was a kid, all I drew were dragons. Sometimes I gave a chance to other beasts like unicorns, but my all-time favourite was the dragon. Then I grew up, went to college, started a full-time job, and art, although it never disappeared, went into the background.

When it burst out of me again later, I had to find my way back to it, even though I had the urge already to create. I didn't really know what an artistic block is, because whenever I didn't know what to draw, I went back to my default: dragons. But when I sat down with that empty sheet of paper that eventually became this painting, I faced the dreadful block. I didn't feel like drawing anything.

I thought about the dragons, as I remembered my default. But no, that time that didn't work. And there came the unicorn for the rescue. I thought I would stick to something mythical, and a portrait seemed less an effort. Why not draw a unicorn?

So here it is, my artistic un-blocker unicorn portrait.

Reference photo I used for the head is here.

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