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The Sunbender - artwork by PannaDraws

The Sunbender


Ink, watercolour and coloured pencil on mixed media paper. 297 x 420 mm (11.69 x 16.53 in), 2020.

I was on a trip to the UK when the idea of this image came to me. I couldn't work on any kind of art while I was away, but I have a deal I made with myself: every day I have to make art in some form, even for just 5 minutes. So I carry my sketchbook around everywhere, and whenever I can't be in the studio, I'm sketching.

As usual when I opened the sketchbook to draw I didn't really have anything in mind. It was a chore. A promise I have to fulfil even though I don't feel like it. And then I looked out the window to see the beautiful springtime Manchester weather as the rain was lashing against the glass. I needed something bright and sparkling.

So I imagined a dragon soaring on the sky, but on a colourful sky, the ones you can see after storms and in Disney movies. And I wanted to see a dragon shining through all the remaining darkness. That is how this painting was sketched out. I had everything in mind, and once I got home I started painting.

I used a reference photo for the sky, which I wanted to look carefree with pink clouds.

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