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The Summoning - artwork by PannaDraws

The Summoning


Ink and watercolour on cold pressed watercolour paper. 420 x 594 mm (16.53 x 23.39 in), 2020.

Considering the preparations, this painting took me the longest ever to finish. When I had the idea of the subject, I knew I had to go to Phoenix Park to take reference photos of the deer there. But even when I started planning the painting I had no idea about the composition... it all came to life on the paper eventually, no matter how many sketches I made to plan it.

I wanted to create a dream-like scene, where some of the details might get lost. So I added a greenish grey wash to create a foggy background. Some quirky elements were also sneaked into the picture, like the eyeball staff of the deer spirit. I really enjoyed drawing such weird things, so I might explore this path a bit more in the future.

This is the first painting in a long while where I really ignored outside opinions. To most people the subject is not common and too weird. But this time I let my creativity roam free and just drew and paint whatever occurred to me, not being concerned with feedback. Therefore I would recommend it only to those people who are open to curiosity, who like to meet things they don't understand. If you want your guests ask "oh, what is this artwork about?". And you're absolutely free to answer whatever you think it is about!

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