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The Dragon and The Kirin - artwork by PannaDraws

The Dragon and The Kirin


Ink and watercolour on cold pressed watercolour paper. 297 x 420 mm (16.53 x 11.69 in), 2020.

I played around with a Chinese style dragon concept so much I ended up painting a fighting scene. I wanted to show the dynamic movement and energy of a moment before collision.

The story I imagined behind the scene is something like David and Goliath. The confidence of superiority is reflected on the dragon's face, while the little kirin is facing the beast with unseen bravery.

I didn't have a clear idea first how I was going to stage this. When I think of a really dynamic scene like this fighting one, I usually have only a feeling in my head, not the actual concept. I want to show strength! I want to show power! I want the viewer to think "man, this is epic!" These are my guidelines when I start figuring out where that leg should stand, how that arm should bend, and the wiggle of the tail.

This is a perfect picture for any anime or fantasy fan, who doesn't want to see pretty flowers on their walls. This painting is for people who like action and adventure.

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