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Sunny December Day - artwork by PannaDraws

Sunny December Day


Ink and watercolour on paper. 380 x 280 mm, 2021.

This is a painting I made for Curlew Action, an organisation dedicated to the conservation of Curlews in the UK and Ireland.

Curlews are not so rare in my area, but I only see them solitary, and I've spotted a pair only once. The problem, as I've learnt, is the decline of breeding pairs as they can't successfully breed here. This artwork was created for the org's art and poetry competition. The theme: What does the Curlew mean to you?

My answer in short is that I cannot imagine a seashore without them, they are part of the picture I have in mind when I think of these shores. The image I painted here is an illustration of this picture, a lonely curlew foraging in a winter day.

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