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Red Kite - artwork by PannaDraws

Red Kite


Ink and watercolour on paper. 190 x 280 mm, 2021. Framed.

Part of my Irish birds of prey portrait study series.

As one of the success stories of reintroducing a species to Ireland, I had to include the Red Kite in my raptor series. This beautiful red coated bird is now quite common in the Eastern part of the isle. An eagle-like bird, but its tail is very distinctive with its V-shape. Most raptors are disliked by some because they take garden birds or pigeons, but the Red Kite prefers cleaning up after road kills, even though they hunt if needed.

A fun fact: they like to steal human clothes, especially underwear, to decorate their nests! Who wouldn't adore such a bird? :D

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