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Queen of Hearts - artwork by PannaDraws

Queen of Hearts


Ink and watercolour on Arches HP 300gsm paper. 380 x 580 mm, 2021.

This painting is a record breaker. To date, it spent far the most time stretched on my drawing board as it's one of the most complex paintings I've done.

The concept is based on a dream I had about swans under cherry blossoms. I don't remember too much of the whole thing, but I liked the feeling of the scene. I started sketching it, and since all the details were so blurry I thought maybe something abstract would work here. Dreams are pretty abstract anyway, most of the time they don't really make any sense! So I said all right, let's paint the feeling.

And what was that feeling? The feeling is mostly the only thing that remains after dreams, after all the details are lost. And it was just simply pleasant. Something beautiful, something that doesn't want to be more than that. I had the idea of the two swans circling each other first, and started adding the blossoms. But the picture was still so empty (it's a big sheet of paper!) and at that point I decided to go crazy with details. I wanted something that was difficult, challenging to paint. So I added the roses and swallows, because why not? Anything goes that's pretty!

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