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Mother Bear - artwork by PannaDraws

Mother Bear


Watercolour and pen on watercolour paper. 420 x 297 mm ( 11.69 x 16.53 in), 2020.

All the crows are leading the way to one spot in the forest. They are the messengers, eyes and ears of Mother Bear, dwelling deep in the woods. Mother Bear doesn't leave the forest, but she knows everything that is going on around the world... so she doesn't get surprised when you reach the clearing filled with mossy rocks to see her. You just had to follow the crows and here you are. But Mother Bear just smiles, she already knows you.

The idea of Mother Bear came to me when I was browsing through my older reference photos. I had a shot of a bear looking so friendly, taken at the Lisbon zoo when I was on a holiday there. As I usually focus more on birds or dragons I just didn't have any good ideas for the picture, but one night I just sketched the bear as practice, when this whole scene just occurred to me, as if I'd known this since forever. I just had to discover her! And so it felt like Mother Bear already knew about me, and our encounter was a surprise only to me.

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