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Lir's Daughter (Feathers of Tales X) - artwork by PannaDraws

Lir's Daughter (Feathers of Tales X)


Ink and watercolour on watercolour paper. 405 x 508 mm (16 x 20 in), 2020.

"...so she drove the children of Lir into the lake to bathe, and they did as Oifa told them. As soon as they were upon the lake she struck them with a Druid's wand of spells and wizardry and put them into the forms of four beautiful, perfectly white swans..." (The Fate of The Children of Lir)

So the series ends with this story, one of the most famous ones from Celtic mythology. Oifa, their stepmother, in her jealousy turned Lir's children into swans for 900 years just to see the decline of the Tuatha De Danann and their family. When Oifa's crime was discovered she was turned into an air-demon, a creature she loathed the most. But that didn't break the magic on the children who remained swans with the gift of speech and songs.

This painting is the 10th and final piece in Feathers of Tales, my series on birds of Irish folklore.

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