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A Grinning Long - artwork by PannaDraws

A Grinning Long


Pen on cartridge paper. 210 x 297 mm ( 8.27 x 11.69 in), 2019.

I have a big pile of thin cartridge paper. I got it as part of an artistic birthday present and it was lying around in the studio for a while. I liked the look of it, but it's not really watercolour material; the paper is too thin, even the slightest dampness makes horrible curls on it.

But I really wanted to create something on that paper, I liked the colour of it, as it instantly gives a vintage look to anything drawn on it. But this stack of paper wasn't the only thing I got ages ago and just forgot about it. I also had a pack of coloured fine liner pens, those cheap ones in impossible colours you use at college to highlight the hell out of your notes. Never used them. But now their time had come!

I sketched out this wiggling dragon on the paper with a soft pencil, then used the pens to colour it using crossed lines. The technique is very similar to traditional comic book inking, but here I used coloured pens instead of a black one.

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