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Furcula the First (Feathers of Tales VII) - artwork by PannaDraws

Furcula the First (Feathers of Tales VII)


Ink and watercolour on watercolour paper. 405 x 508 mm (16 x 20 in), 2020. Framed.

"If you get the wishbone on a chicken, catch one end of it and tell somebody else to catch the other end and whoever gets the right side after pulling you may wish for whatever you like." (Irish superstition)

Chickens might be the most important birds in our lives, yet when it comes to "bird art" I doubt a chicken is what everyone thinks about. Probably most nations in the world have some sort of connection with this animal and hens and roosters are represented in many beliefs and tales. Irish folklore is not an exception, there are many superstitions around chickens, many including the sacrifice of the bird. I just picked one of the less bloody ones as the opening quote, but here's another one:

"Some kind of fowl is killed such as chicken or goose and then the blood is sprinkled in the four corners of the kitchen. In some houses there is a cross formed with the blood, or three drops. It is believed if this is done no member of the family will meet with a violent death during the year."

I wanted to show this bird being more than just a wishbone or a sacrifice. If you have different eyes for it, a rooster is a beautiful ornate bird, the king of the yard. He should be portrayed as a king!

This painting is the 7th in my Feathers of Tales series, which features birds of Irish myths and folklore.

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