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Flamingo - artwork by PannaDraws



Ink and watercolour on Arches HP 300gsm paper. 420 x 297 mm, 2021.

The idea of the flamingo came from an Instagram pollI ran back in the spring of 2021 to ask what people's favourite birds were. And the flamingo was among the answers. I saw that, and thought yay, that would be fun! But I had to wait until I could get a really good reference (due to Covid I couldn't get into the flamingo enclosure in Dublin Zoo) but I finally managed to get some from FOTA in Cork. Awesome, I thought, it was time to use pinks!

And emerald green, rose, crimson red and scarlet... Very unusual colour choices for me. But it was such a great change to paint a not very Irish, but exciting bird. Working on this piece inspired me to plan some macaws or other colourful bird paintings. And because it was so different in the colours, I really feel like I was on an exotic holiday as far as you can get when you're submerged in art.

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