Frequently Asked Questions


How do I order?

I have an Etsy store where everything I currently offer is available for purchase. When you visit the store you can add items to your basket and check out at the end.

I don't want to use Etsy!

Please message me and I can provide you with a workaround!

Do you take commissions?

Yes. Contact me and we can discuss the details!

Original Art Related Questions

How do I know the painting is the original?

I sign each piece. There is usually a smaller signature in the front, and a detailed one including the title at the back. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity, a document containing details of the artwork and a signature from me.

What can I do with my purchased art?

You can use it for personal purposes, eg hang it on your wall! But you cannot reproduce it, cannot make prints out of it, post or sell as your own... In short I reserve the copyright of the artwork. For more information on copyright see the Copyright Association of Ireland.

Is the artwork framed?

All artwork ships unmounted and ready to be framed, they fit in standard sized frames.

What if I want the artwork framed?

I can arrange framing for you. Please message me and we can discuss the cost of framing and what type of frame you want.

The artwork I received doesn't look the same as on the website!

A slight difference in tones is possible when digitalising traditional artwork. I try my best to stick to the appearance of the original, but due to the different screen settings and types, and the different light conditions it's possible that the digital image shows slightly darker or lighter colours. If you think you no longer like the artwork in the original form, I'm happy to accept returns as long as the artwork is not damaged.

I changed my mind!

No problem! Sometimes it happens that the artwork doesn't look how we imagined at its final place. Please take a look at my return policy.

Art Print Related Questions

Who makes the prints?

Art prints are produced by Printful, a print-on-demand company (they print per order, so I don't have to preorder a big batch). They have several offices worldwide, so when you order, they aim to print and ship from the closest HQ to your delivery address. In Europe this is usually Spain or Latvia, but they work in the USA, Japan, Australia and Mexico as well.

Some prints are not available in larger sizes!

When I'm painting something I choose the size of the painting to make it work with the subject. Therefore when I paint a smaller picture, I don't find it appropriate to have it printed in a much larger scale, it would look unnatural. This is a personal, artistic decision on my side, but I still try to keep flexible and offer at least 3-4 size options for each print.

Merchandise Related Questions

Who produces the t-shirts, notebooks, etc?

I'm working with different providers. I try to keep it local to support local businesses, but I also aim to be cost efficient. Art prints and t-shirts are produced by Printful, a print-on-demand company (they print per order, so I don't have to preorder a big batch). Notebooks and other merchandise are produced by different Ireland or UK based businesses.

Do you make custom t-shirts, notebooks, etc?

Yes, I can take special commissions for merchandise. Please get in touch to discuss the details!


Does the price include VAT and shipping?

The prices displayed for each piece are in Euro and include VAT and shipping.

What payment methods do you accept?

Payments are made through my my Etsy shop. For accepted payment methods please refer to my Etsy shop's "Payment Options" section.

Packaging and Shipping

What size the package will be?

Smaller artwork (A4 size) is packed between cardboard sheets and ships in a standard A4 size envelope. Pieces larger than A4 size are sent as a package. Watercolour paintings are always packed flat. Dry media artwork larger than A4 is rolled up in a tube and sent as a package.

Is my order insured?

Insurance and tracking (if available to your country) is added to each parcel.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Except for shirts and art prints I post from Ireland. In Ireland the usual handling time is 1-2 business days. To the UK it takes 2-3, while to the United States and to most EU countries it can take up to 5-7 business days.

In case of t-shirts and art prints the posting origin depends on your location. I use a print-on-demand service called Printful. They have offices worldwide and post from the closest location to you.

How much does shipping cost?

For most of the originals I offer free shipping. For smaller originals I usually offer free shipping to Ireland, UK and USA. In other cases postage is calculated on checkout, based on your destination.


Do you accept returns?

Of course! I have a return policy for further details.

Caring for original art

How do I care for fine art?

Watercolour loses saturation over time if exposed to strong heat and UV light. Even though the paintings are coated with a UV resistant varnish I would recommend not hanging them in direct sunlight. The varnish may give a slightly glossy finish in some places where the paint is thicker.

The painting is curled.

There is a natural curl to paintings created with water based media. Once framed it's not visible.

The painting has a white margin around it.

This is the blank space masked by the tape I use to hold the paper in place when working with wet media. It provides some extra space to hold the picture behind a mount.

All prices indicated include VAT. Shipping costs are not included.

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