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Dragon Dance 2 - artwork by PannaDraws

Dragon Dance 2


A set of 4 printable colouring pages.

The adventure continues! Follow the path of the 4 elements in this new set of dragon coloring pages.

Come along on a new journey with mighty dragons born from the four fundamental elements of the world: Air, Water, Earth and Fire!

Each element summons its dragon and bird pair:

1. Air - Great black-backed gulls
2. Water - Whooper swans
3. Earth - Ring-necked pheasants
4. Fire - Carrion crows

You can print the pages on either A3 or A4 sized paper (they are optimised for A3, but it will work with smaller scales and US sizes as well). I would suggest using a thicker, non-glossy paper for the best experience.

Original artwork was created using acrylic inks on mixed media paper.

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Artwork and content © 2021 Panna Zsamba

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