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Domesticated Nomad - artwork by PannaDraws

Domesticated Nomad


Ink and watercolour on Fabriano HP 640g. 280 x 380 mm, 2021.

Sometimes I venture away from painting birds because I see something extraordinary in other animals in nature. Such a topic that can make me do that is the search for the wild in all creatures. I believe even the cutest little puppy, humble livestock, and our beloved songbirds have that inner, untamed core deep down that connects them to the wilderness.

I see sheep wandering around on any mountain in Ireland. Just when I finish climbing up a steep slope in some drizzle while the wind is constantly making me feel like I'm freezing, I face these creatures. They don't seem to mind the conditions that make me feel so uncomfortable, just stare at me like they've never seen a human being. But certainly they have, I can see the tags in the ears, the marking on the coat... Yet at that moment I cannot name a living thing that is more adapted to that wild environment. The domesticated nomads of Ireland.

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