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Csodaszarvas - artwork by PannaDraws



Ink and watercolour on cold-pressed watercolour paper. 420 x 297 mm (16.53 x 11.69 in), 2019.

Once on a hiking trip we came across a part of a forest where the sun was breaking through the leaves. I was wearing my sunglasses and stopped because the view looked just like a story book illustration. But when I took off my sunglasses to take a photo I got a bit disappointed. It didn't look as magical any more, not without the filter.

So I shot through my sunglasses. I put one side of it in front of the camera lenses, and there I had exactly the right colour on my image.

But this was only a landscape, and I wanted something to HAPPEN there. I thought why not add some Hungarian mythology to it this time? The white stag plays an important role in the myths of the origins of Hungarians. According to the legends our ancestors chased a white stag to hunt him down, but the stag lead them to their future wives. So that was the beginning of our people, ancestors of the two hunters. Being Hungarian this story is part of me as well.

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